Frequently Asked Questions

At Retail Appliance Parts we are able to offer wholesale/trade pricing, please reach out to us directly with your company information, your required parts and intended volumes of purchase.

You can contact us at [email protected].

For your convenince, please view our “How to Find my Model Number” page here.

If you are unable to find your model number, we highly recommend reaching out to us directly with a picture of your compliance plate and information on the part/s you require.

You can contact us at [email protected].

Newer models that have recently come out of warranty may not be listed on our website immediately, however if you are able to provide us with the model number of your unit, we will source and hold stock of the common appliance spare parts for this unit for all your future requirements.

At Retail Appliance Parts, we endeavour to keep our prices at a competitive level whilst maintaining the best quality in the market (GENUINE AND OEM wherever we can), however there are competitors of ours which are selling certain spare parts for cheaper due to them importing cheap after-market copies from countries such as China, BEWARE of these suppliers.

In the event you find the exact same quality spare part from one of our competitors, we will do our best to beat the price.
Please note: Price matching and price beating are at the discretion of our staff.

Although we do our best to hold stock of all the common spare parts for major appliance brands, there are times where we will need to source the part you require from the relevant manufacturers, however after sourcing it for you the first time, we will continue to hold this part in stock for all future enquiries and it will be made available under your model search.

From time to time, the original manufacturer such as Electrolux, will decide to change their part numbers, although we try to stay on top of this an update our resources, it may not always reflect in our resources simultaneously. Rest assured you will still be supplied with the correct part to suit your model number if it is listed as compatible.

OEM stands for ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER. (The part is manufactured in the same factory as the ORIGINAL brand. E.g. the part is manufactured in the same factory that Smeg have made this part)

OEM parts are IDENTICAL or NEARLY THE EXACT SAME part as what the GENUINE/ORIGINAL part would be, however the GENUINE/ORGINAL part will come in a unique packaging with a branded label such as ELECROLUX or Smeg (some brands do supply GENUINE parts in clear unlabelled packaging). At Retail Appliance Parts, we will endeavour to promote ORIGINAL/ GENUINE AND/OR OEM QUALITY spare parts wherever we deem necessary.

At Retail Appliance Parts we specialise in supplying GENUINE AND OEM spare parts for as many stocked lines as possible, however there are instances that require us to source and stock RECOMMENDED ALTERNATIVES. If you are unsure what quality of part we are supplying (it is not clear on the products photos/specifications), please reach out to us directly and we will endeavour to respond with the upmost transparency.

At Retail Appliance Parts, we operate Australia wide, therefore in order to maintain our high level of efficiency in dispatching and delivering, we do operate remotely. Rest assured; we offer competitive express shipping rates through reputable Australian courier providers such as Startrack and Australia Post.
In the event you would like to pick your item up for an emergency repair, you can request a private appointment. Please note: the freight and handling charge will not be refunded if the order has been placed and paid for already.

We do allow you to use your own courier, however we do expect you to do this at your own risk as we take no responsibility for third party couriers.