Genuine OEM Blanco Oven Door Hinge 12600420

INCLUDES x1 OVEN DOOR HINGE. Suits many Blanco and Omega ovens. Approx. Dimensions: 170 mm. Holes wheelbase: 142 mm. Spring thickness: 3,5 mm. Number of turns: 17,5. Also known as other part numbers such as: 12600420, ME12600420, 12600510, me12600150, 031199009930R, 031199009933R, 031199009930, 031199009933, 1755950, 1877206. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT WHEN YOUR OVEN DOOR HINGE NEEDS REPLACEMENT, THAT YOU PURCHASE THE KIT OF HINGES TO ENSURE THERE IS BALANCED TENSION ON BOTH SIDES OF THE OVEN DOOR WHICH WILL IN TURN LOWER THE RISK OF GLASS BREAKAGE. SEE PART NUMBER BLANCO-12600420SET FOR A DISCOUNT TODAY! Most companies are selling the 12600870 hinge instead which does not fit unless you change the set up of the door configuration (involves more work). Look on the side of your hinge, if it has “420” printed on it, then this is the only hinge that is a direct suit. Your hinge may also have “40″ stamped on the base and “37” stamped on the arm. This is the correct hinge to suit your oven.

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