Genuine Electrolux Westinghouse Oven Hot Surface Ignitor – Gas Hsi 0673001045

Specifications: ELECTROLUX CHEF WESTINGHOUSE OVEN HOT SURFACE IGNITOR (HSI) – GAS COOKTOPS. Suits many gas Electrolux, Westinghouse and Chef Oven and cooktop models. Also known as other part numbers such as: 0673001045, W0420E, 8980508, GC673, 0673001044, Y-60762-5, ES80, 0673001045Y-60762-5, TPGW0420E, TPG0420E, 3190500. BEWARE OF CHEAP AFTER MARKET COPIES. FOR THE COMPLETE BURNER ASSEMBLY, PLEASE SEE PART NUMBER ELUX-0004008300KIT FOR A DISCOUNT TODAY!

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Electrolux, Westinghouse, Simpson, Chef

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