Genuine OEM Electrolux Westinghouse Oven Stove Indicator Lamp With Lead – Red Indicator Light 0609100269

Specifications: Approx. Bezel diameter 7mm, indicator body diameter 6mm, total length 21mm. 240VAC. 2 X 20cm connecting leads fitted with 6.4mm spade terminals. ELECTROLUX WESTINGHOUSE NEON INDICATOR LAMP WITH LEAD (RED INDICATOR LIGHT). Used for a variety of older model Electrolux, Westinghouse, Simpson and Chef Stove Cooktops. Also known as other part numbers such as: 0609100295, 0609100269, A30A, 1557444, 1558803, 4055541322, 1555777, 1557214, 1557043, 1557611, 1556122, 1568189, 0060002072, 3080700, ERM263, A00563803, 4055541322.

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Electrolux, Westinghouse, Simpson, Chef

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