Genuine OEM Electrolux Front Loader Washing Machine Drum Drive Belt 1196 – 4055690699

SPECIFICATIONS: Hutchinson 1196, J5, MA , 5PJE 1196. Shaft height: 2,34mm. Step: 4mm Development: 1196mm. Suits Many AEG and Electrolux Washer Dryer Combo models such as Time Manager Jetstream Wash System, Time Manager Advanced Wash System, Time Manager JetMix System, Time Manager Sensitive Wash System, Time Manager Vapour Action System, Time Manager Perfect Wash System, Time Manager, UltimateCare System, Time Manager Inverter and Many other Washer Dryer Combo models. Also known as other part numbers such as: 1108785005, 1240210607, 1240211506, 1323531200, 5022653009, 8581323531203, 132353120, 1108785-00/5, 1240211-50/6, 1240211506, 1323531200, 4055690699, A06314102, 4055690699, 1323531200, 1240211506, 1196J5 TEM/EL/MA. Please note, the secondary photos advertised are what the existing belt may look like, however the actual product supplied will be the first photo.

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